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Name of Patent Registration Number
Microcapsule manufacturing method using soluble and insoluble derivative cellulose and microcapsule using this method 0628815
Cosmetic composition material contain Ajoene 0622100
Cosmetic composition functional material for wrinkle improvement 0799991
Capsule composition material for cosmetic and manufacturing method 0814034
Cosmetic composition material contain extracts from Sparassis crispa
Cosmetic composition material using raw materials for hair loss prevention and hair growth 0958496
Cosmetic composition material for Atopic skin improvement contain 5,6,3',5'- Tetraethoxy and 7,4'- hydroxy-flavone 0931972
Cosmetic capsule and cosmetic capsule containing cosmetic composition material
Dry type micro visual capsule manufacturing method, dry type micro visual capsule using this method and dry type micro visual capsule containing cosmetic material
Achievement of national project
  • - Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Development Project (July 2007~ April, 2009)
  • - Business and Institute Joint Technical Development (May, 2008~April, 2009)
  • - Business and Institute Joint Technical Development (May, 2009~ April, 2010)